Putting a Face to Homelessness

Like my late father, no one deserves to experience homelessness. Since last April, my primary job has been seeking people out wherever they may be, whether it’s under bridges, encampments in the woods or other dangerous places. Through regular contact,

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Disability Justice & Its Significance For Empowerment: A Q&A with Sebastian Margaret

It’s been 27 years since Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act, yet people living with disabilities are still relegated to the cracks and shadows of most service provision and social justice movements. Why is this still true? Keynote speaker

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The Power of an Association Housing Tour

By Leslie Todd Association Volunteer The first time I toured the housing owned and operated by Mental Health Association Oklahoma, it took all of 20 minutes. There was one building, Walker Hall, with 12 units available for people coping with

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5 Mental Health & Homelessness Films & Shows to Watch on Netflix

By Matt Gleason Mental Health Association Oklahoma Whenever I’m browsing through Netflix, I always end up seeing the same recommendations to watch episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” and action flicks I watched five years ago. Sometimes, though, Netflix

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The Psychology of Racism

Dr. Derald Wing Sue’s personal life-changing experience with racism directed toward himself and his family inspired his study of the psychology of racism and anti-racism.

His book, “Counseling the Culturally Diverse:  Theory and Practice” is one of the most frequently-cited publications in the multicultural field. Furthermore, his team’s groundbreaking work on racial microaggressions has “empowered people of color by making “the invisible, visible.” Microaggressions refer to commonplace verbal, behavioral or environmental indignities that communicate hostile, derogatory or negative racial slights and insults toward people of color.

As a part of his Symposium keynote, Dr. Sue will explain how these microaggressions cause inequities in education, employment and health care, as well as cause emotional distress in people of color.
We’re thrilled Dr. Sue will be a keynote speaker at our Zarrow Mental Health Symposium, as this year’s theme is “Challenging Injustice and Discrimination.”

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Our Favorite Summer Reads & Netflix Picks!

Summer is the perfect time to get out of the heat — or maybe into it — and relax with a thought-provoking book.  It’s also a time to spend our days in the sun and then binge-watch Netflix by night. So we asked our staff members and volunteers about their favorite summer reads and Netflix picks related to mental health, homelessness, addiction, suicide or criminal justice reform. Plus, there are a few picks that are just plain fun.

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