Incarceration is TOO BIG TO IGNORE

“Since I shared my story in the TOO BIG TO IGNORE campaign, I celebrated another ‘recovery birthday,’ which meant four years free of addiction. Also, I’ve completed two more semesters of college, and I’m looking at my last semester for

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Mental Illness is TOO BIG TO IGNORE

“Wonderful things have happened in my life since I shared my story during Mental Health Association Oklahoma’s TOO BIG TO IGNORE campaign. To start, I’m celebrating three years since my last mental health crisis. Honestly, though, that crisis led me

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Jon’s Journey is TOO BIG TO IGNORE

“Before I joined Mental Health Association Oklahoma’s TOO BIG TO IGNORE campaign in May, I was sometimes afraid to talk about losing my sister, Christin, to suicide. But the campaign gave me the courage to openly talk about the most

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Homelessness is TOO BIG TO IGNORE

 “After a year and a half of experiencing homelessness and untreated mental illness, I cherish every moment I get to spend with my kids in my apartment provided by Mental Health Association Oklahoma. This year, I actually got to

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Essential Tools for My Toolbox

By Carol Coiner I have found many opportunities in my life. I have tools and skills for my business and tools for my home life and hobbies. Whenever I reach a barrier in any project, I do research to learn

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What’s Your Candidate’s Stance on Mental Health?

Family & Children’s Services’ Mental Health Report Card & Candidate Digest August 28 Primary Run-off and City Council Election When & Where to Vote Election Day voting is available at your precinct polling place August 28 from 7 a.m. to 7

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