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Call our free statewide Mental Health Assistance Center. Our caring mental health professionals can provide you with information and resources related to mental illness, suicide prevention, employment and housing support. We’re always here to help you access critical services, support groups and more.





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Mental Health Support

For many, finding mental health information and connecting with services is overwhelming and requires navigating a complex network of community resources. We’re here to help. Get information and resources on topics related to mental illness, suicide prevention and more with the help of our staff.

Suicide Prevention

Our one-hour emergency mental health gatekeeper training intervention teaches trainees how to recognize and respond positively to someone exhibiting suicide warning signs and behaviors. 

QPR, a nationally recognized evidenced-based training, stands for question, persuade and refer. Trainees will learn to question the individual’s meaning to determine suicide intent or desire, persuade the person to accept or seek help and refer them to the appropriate resources.

Our QPR training will empower your business, school, faith community or civic organization to effectively intervene on behalf of someone with thoughts of suicide or who is in crisis. 

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Employment Support

If you or a loved one is impacted by mental illness and/or homelessness, a job can be a big step toward improved health, sobriety and fulfillment. Though housing comes first, employment can bring dignity. Our employment services team works together with other in-house and community services to assist you wherever you are on your path to recovery. You deserve the opportunity to have a good job, be independent and self-sustaining, and we want to help you achieve it.

Peer-Run Drop-In Centers

We help the people we serve become more socially active and effectively progress on their road to recovery while building strong and supportive relationships within their communities.

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Street Outreach & Rapid Response

The Street Outreach and Rapid Response Team is a collaborative initiative that sends team members out to the streets of Tulsa and Oklahoma City to build relationships with vulnerable individuals experiencing chronic homelessness and offer mental health services and housing support. We want to give people experiencing homelessness, and their families, an opportunity to start new lives.

Street Medicine

Our Street Medicine teams in Oklahoma City and Tulsa provide primary patient care for people experiencing street homelessness who have been impacted by mental illness or a substance use issue.

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Criminal Justice Reform

MHAOK’s Criminal Justice Reform Department works collaboratively to redesign current justice and health systems in Oklahoma. Our goal is to lower costs and obtain better outcomes for individuals, their loved ones and our communities across the state. Our criminal justice initiatives help to safely stop the over-incarceration of people impacted by mental illness, substance use disorders and homelessness.

Housing Support

If you have a disability and/or are impacted by mental illness, homelessness or co-occurring disorders,  we offer you a safe, decent and affordable place to live. We also assist individuals, families, veterans and transition-aged youth ages 18-25.

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We are here to help you navigate community resources and mental health services. We can provide you with information and resources related to mental health and homelessness, including how to access services, support programs and more.