Susan Magsamen discusses ‘your brain on art’

With the 2023 Zarrow Mental Health Symposium less than ten days away, we are thrilled to release another keynote speaker conversation on the Mental Health Download, our podcast dedicated to exploring homelessness, mental illness, suicide, incarceration and innovative tools for addressing these challenges.

Today, we featured Susan Magsamen, founder and executive director of the International ARts & Mind Lab, Center for Applied Neuroaesthetics – a pioneering initiative from the Pedersen Brain Science Institute at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She is also an assistant professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins and serves as the co-director of the NeuroArts Blueprint Initiative in partnership with the Aspen Institute.

Susan is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller, Your Brain on Art: How the Arts Transform Us. It is a journey through the science of neuroaesthetics that offers proof of how our brains and bodies are transformed when we participate in the arts and aesthetic experiences.

It was a joy to experience her blending art and science into a lively discussion about the importance of both, and we are excited to hear more from her as a prominent speaker at the Zarrow Mental Health Symposium, themed New Horizons in Brain Science. Click here to listen to the episode and here to purchase a copy of her book. Please take some time to browse her website while you’re there. It is both engaging and informative. To learn more about and register for this year’s symposium, please click here.