Dr. Xavier Amador sheds insight on the effects of anosognosia

We’re less than one month from the 2023 Zarrow Mental Health Symposium, and we are so excited to be talking to many of this year’s presenters on the Mental Health Download, our podcast dedicated to exploring homelessness, mental illness, suicide, incarceration and innovative tools for addressing these challenges.

Today, Mental Health Association Oklahoma’s Chief Programs Officer, Mark Davis, spoke with one of our keynote speakers, Dr. Xavier Amador. Dr. Amador is the co-founder and CEO of the Henry Amador Center on Anosognosia and the founder of the LEAP Institute.

His extensive education, scopious research and experience as a caregiver to two family members living with schizophrenia are a collective, solid foundation for his work in the niche field of anosognosia. It also provided a breadth of material for his best seller, “I AM NOT SICK, I don’t need help!”, originally published in 2000 to shed light on the complicated circumstances surrounding individuals who lack insight into their own mental illness. 

We are so excited to have Dr. Amador both on the Mental Health Download and as a prominent speaker at the Zarrow Mental Health Symposium, themed New Horizons in Brain Science. Click here to listen to the episode and here to purchase a copy of his book. To learn more about and register for this year’s symposium, please click here.