Protecting those experiencing homelessness during winter blasts

The snow is loud as the wind whips it through the trees outside my window. The news is a steady stream of weather, reporting on the frozen precipitation already causing chaos, the temperatures that have plummeted to single digits, and pleas to stay home.

Home – a word that so many of us use with nonchalance; a place we rely on without thought; a safe haven with a roof, walls, heat. 

Home, while should be a right, feels more like a privilege, though, when one considers the nearly 4,000 Oklahomans who don’t have one. It feels especially so on mornings like this, when the unrelenting winter blast lends to undeniably life-threatening conditions, and this is why our Street Outreach teams doubled down on their efforts to care for those living on the streets. They scoured the metro areas looking for those in need, warning them of the upcoming arctic storm, handing out emergency kits, and working to get them into shelter. Yesterday, Oklahoma City’s Street Outreach Team Manager Shelah Farley, spoke with Nick Camper of KFOR about the collaborative efforts to keep our community members safe.

Stay safe and stay kind.

~ Adi

Our street outreach team is funded in part by the generous donors from the OG&E Foundation.