More boots on the ground

A change in seasons means more in our line of work: more donation requests, more community calls for assistance, more celebration of our work and also more work. 

It means more boots on the ground.

A change in seasons also means more valuable exposure to our work. Not only has our team at the Association increased its efforts to keep those experiencing mental health and homelessness struggles healthy and safe, but it has been working diligently to increase awareness about what we do. We have been featured in the media quite a bit lately and we’re excited to share some of the latest stories with you.

Today, we made front page of the Tulsa World in Daniel Shular’s coverage of MHAOK’s annual holiday meal organized specifically to celebrate with and feed individuals in need.

Michael Overall tells about the collaborative efforts we are making to provide warmth and shelter for those experiencing homelessness during the upcoming winter blast in yesterday’s Tulsa World edition. 

And yesterday, KOTV News on 6 covered these same collaborative efforts in their 5:30 p.m. broadcast. *view the story at the 15 minute mark of this video

Earlier this month, Felize Romero of Oklahoma City’s Channel 9 News highlighted our Street Outreach team’s work in ending homelessness.
Felize Romero also reported on our work to end homelessness specifically regarding the youth in our state in a News on 6 story.