Groups and Classes


Participants brainstorm ways to earn stronger social reinforcement for themselves, as well as how to connect with people as long-term resources.

Forgiveness & Reconciliation

This group addresses how people can learn to decrease the pain and suffering in their lives by learning how to forgive the people they believe have wronged them, as well as ways to rebuild positive relationships with them.

The Future: Optimism & Hope

This group explores the benefits of having a positive outlook on life and why there is still hope for positive growth in the future.

This group seeks ways to increase mutual acceptance of other people.

Building Self-Esteem

This group provides opportunities for members to realize that they have great value to our community and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
This group educates participants on the origins of PTSD and the realities of living with the illness.

Facilitating Recovery (Stages of Change)

The purpose of this group is to help our participants make positive and enduring changes in their lives. The Stages of Change model assists members in identifying the changes they need to make and aid them in making those changes themselves.

Budgeting on a Fixed Income

Participants learn how to manage their resources effectively.


Journaling is a healthy means of expressing and understanding thoughts and feelings. This group provides an easy approach to keeping a journal and is coupled with group discussions to explore ideas that arise in the writing process.

Current Events

This group explores current events and the effects they have on us. Group members discuss the local news of the day and ways in which they can participate in local activities and interests.

Arts & Crafts

This class explores a wide variety of creative endeavors. Activities include jewelry making, scrapbooking, stamping, paper making, painting and drawing.

Stress Management

The purpose of this class is to explore ways to relieve stress with meditation techniques and peaceful visualizations.

Health & Wellness

This group includes exercises like walking and stretching, as well as interactive aerobic video games. Strategies for healthy eating and meal preparation are also introduced.

Denver House offers social gatherings such as potluck luncheons, social meet-and-greets, cookouts, dances and movie nights. Participants are also encouraged to suggest ideas for activities and events.