Street Outreach

Rapid Response Homeless Outreach 

No one deserves to be homeless.

We provide mobile street outreach to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. We seek them out wherever they may be, whether it’s under bridges, encampments in the woods or other dangerous places. Through regular contact, we build trust and relationships as we deliver Street Outreach Care Packages, and connect them to essential community services.

In the process, we work with law enforcement members to ensure they stay connected to services and avoid being ticketed or incarcerated. Our ultimate goal is to give people experiencing homelessness, and their families, an opportunity to start new lives as they successfully transition from living on the street to their own apartment where they can thrive and become self-sufficient.

Street Outreach Care Packages

Our team offers the people we meet Street Outreach Care Packages, which include essential items for survival, including food, wellness items, and other necessities. Click here to find out how you can create Street Outreach Care Packages, or donate to make them possible.

Collaborative Outreach

We play a key role in a community-wide effort to develop collaborative outreach to individuals experiencing homelessness.

Our team works alongside member agencies of A Way Home For Tulsa, which is governed by a formal council of organizations all working to end veteran and chronic homelessness.

In addition, we help educate frontline workers about evidence-based best practices utilized to end homelessness as a part of the national Built for Zero initiative.

Incarceration Prevention

We are a part of Tulsa’s pilot Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program, which is a pre-booking diversion pilot program to address low-level offenses.

Based on a Seattle, Washington program, it allows law enforcement officers to redirect low-level offenders to community-based services, instead of jail and prosecution. By diverting eligible individuals to services, LEAD is committed to improving public safety and public order and reducing the criminal behavior of people who participate in the program.

Our team also works closely with Tulsa Police Department IMPACT officers, a TPD designated team for helping people experiencing homelessness in downtown Tulsa. We respond to calls to provide outreach, referrals and prevent people from being incarcerated or ticketed.

In addition, we work with transit security personnel at area bus stations to advocate on behalf of people experiencing homelessness to reduce bus-ride suspension times and connect them to services in the community.

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Street Outreach

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