Employment Support



 The Importance of Employment Support

If you or a loved one is impacted by mental illness, a job can be the first step towards improved health, sobriety, and fulfillment. That’s why, along with housing, we believe employment should come first. How can you achieve both housing and employment first? Our employment services work alongside other in-house and community services, assisting you wherever you may be on your path to recovery. Just like Housing First, Employment First seeks to remove your barriers while also prioritizing your choice and self-determination.

You deserve the opportunity to have a good job, be independent and self-sustaining. See the form at the bottom of this page to contact us about employment opportunities like these…

Job Opportunities


A Better Way

Giving people experiencing homelessness who panhandle an alternative to panhandling three days a week.

Paying no less than six participants a day’s wages to beautify our community during each service day.

Connecting participants with life-changing services in the community, such as housing, mental health and addiction treatment, and other more sustainable employment services.


The Altamont Bakery

Since 2011, this bakery has been “baking its way to a better world, one cookie at a time.” Our team of bakers gathers weekly to produce award-winning cookies that are sold within the community. With a social enterprise spirit, bakers are provided a living wage and a chance at recovery


Transitional Employment

For most people, competitive employment is all that is needed to get someone back on their feet. For some, though, entering the workplace again can be overwhelming. Our transitional employment services provide added support and assistance for those looking to eventually move back into the workplace, who may face more significant barriers to employment.


Westat Supported Employment Demonstration

The Westat Demonstration is a large-scale research study sponsored by the Social Security Administration that seeks to help individuals who were recently denied disability benefits find steady and competitive work by providing supported employment and behavioral health services.

How to Access Employment Support

Our current program intake capability varies by program. Referrals can be made by our case managers and other various internal programs. If you are curious about what assistance may be available to you, you can contact us using the form below or call 918.585.1213. Be sure and ask about Employment First.

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