We Need You to Advocate Today



We need you to advocate today to make a difference as we work to prevent suicide, end homelessness, promote mental health and reform the criminal justice system.

Through our Maxine and Jack Zarrow Advocacy Center, your advocacy today will help change and save lives tomorrow.

Mental Health Association Oklahoma has identified and will continue to advocate for the following legislative priorities in 2019. You may download the legislative priorities document here.

1. Restore and Sustain Funding for the Oklahoma Department
of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS)

2. Expand Access to Health Insurance in Oklahoma

3. Support Criminal Justice Reform

4. Increase Workforce Training Programs and Strategies

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Legislative Priorities

We support legislation and policies that improve the health and wellness of people impacted by mental illness, substance use, homelessness and the criminal justice system. Advocate today!


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