From homelessness to housing to a valued MHAOK employee

Skeeter’s story is about determination, resilience, and the power of second chances. Having faced the challenge of homelessness compounded by substance use, Skeeter’s journey had been a tumultuous one. Previous attempts at housing were unsuccessful, primarily due to the complexities of his substance use. However, Skeeter’s life turned positive when he joined our housing program in 2021, beginning a transformative chapter. 

Upon entering our program, Skeeter was met with a robust support system tailored to his unique needs. The turning point in his journey came when he graduated from drug court, a milestone that reflected his commitment to recovery and his dedication to turning his life around. This achievement was a testament to his perseverance and an essential step towards long-term recovery and stability. 

Empowered by his success in drug court, Skeeter decided to further his commitment to helping others by becoming a Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS). His own experiences with substance use and recovery equipped him with invaluable insights and empathy, making him an incredible asset to our agency. Working as an on-call PRSS, Skeeter has been instrumental in providing support, guidance, and hope to others navigating their paths to recovery. 

But Skeeter didn’t stop there. His ambitions and dreams extended beyond his role in recovery support. Eager to build a sustainable and fulfilling future, he enrolled in truck driving school while working part-time. This decision was driven by his desire to achieve financial stability and independence, demonstrating his forward-thinking approach to rebuilding his life. 

Skeeter’s journey from the depths of homelessness and substance use to a place of recovery, purpose, and ambition is a profound success story. It highlights the importance of tailored support, the value of resilience, and the power of looking forward. His story serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder that overcoming even the most daunting challenges is possible with the proper support and determination. Skeeter’s future now looks brighter than ever, filled with possibilities and the promise of achieving his goals. 

Housing Services is funded in part by Tulsa Area United Way

Story provided by Amanda Pippin, MHAOK Director of Housing Services