Announcing this year’s honorary chair at Carnivale!

We are pleased to announce that longtime Mental Health Association Oklahoma supporter, Jack Allen, is this year’s honorary chair for Carnivale!

Allen, who is now semi-retired, was invited to the very first Carnivale in 1990 as he was launching the growth of a new business. 

“From a very early start, it was marketing, but I only chose causes I believed in. If I believe in it, I invest in it,” said Allen.

Year after year, he kept showing up and learning more about us along the way.  “Over time, you get to learn more about the organizations and you have some favorites. MHA is obviously one of my favorites,” he added.

Having several family members who have lived with severe mental health disorders, Allen understands that mental illness isn’t a one-person show. “Mental health is not one person. Mental health always affects somebody else – those around the person struggling,” he affirmed. 

What really touched Allen was the all-encompassing work that we do at the Association. We take a comprehensive approach, including case management, employment services, and supportive, affordable housing. 

“MHAOK not only provides services, but they provide information on how to handle certain situations. They help employ people and house people. If you weren’t housing them, they’d be homeless,” said Allen. “I’m proud of the employees and volunteers at the association. The work you do… it changes a lot of lives, and I think that’s pretty cool,” added Allen.

We, too, are so proud of the work we do at MHAOK, and we are looking forward to celebrating with Jack Allen and all of the other wonderful attendees who support Oklahomans in need and our continued efforts, here. 

The ‘best party in town’ happens at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 25th at the Cox Convention Business Center in Tulsa. Click here to learn more and purchase your tickets.