Websites of Interest

To find out who your elected state and federal officials are, go to Project Vote Smart at

To register to vote on-line and to obtain other useful information, go to the League of Women Voters website at

To learn about mental health information, learn about policy and advocacy issues at the national level, obtain pamphlets, etc, go to the National Mental Health Association website at

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill website at

The National Institute of Mental Health at has information on clinical trials, research information, science education, federal government reports, and mental illness information.

For information about Oklahoma’s Medicaid program, log on to the website of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority at

For programs for individuals with mental illness and programs for individuals dependent on alcohol or other drugs, search the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services at The Department also has immediate hotline assistance including a teen line.

For general information about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and job discrimination visit

For information about the Oklahoma legislature and the status of legislation, go to the website of the Oklahoma legislature at