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2022 Zarrow Mental Health Symposium: Exploring Family Constructs

Through genetics, legal bonds, love, friendship, or community we identify as family and at the heart of every family is a relationship. As we move toward a more inclusive understanding of families, we must acknowledge the wide range of intersecting relationships which reach beyond our ancestry and influence us throughout our lifespan in both positive and negative ways. The 2022 Zarrow Mental Health Symposium: Exploring Family Constructs will address the changing needs of families, examining the many facets of family relationships, dynamics, development and systems.

Carnivale 2023

In a spirit of celebration, we bring awareness to our accomplishments through a tribute to the glitz and glamour of vintage Las Vegas. 

Join us for Carnivale, “The Best Party in Town,” and revel in fine dining, lively dancing and unmatched surprises at Cox Business Center in downtown Tulsa.

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