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Joe Hight’s “Unnecessary Sorrow”

Joe has always wondered what happened to his oldest brother, Paul Hight, a Roman Catholic priest purged from the Church because of his mental illness and who was killed by police on his front doorstep. The result is his new book “Unnecessary Sorrow.”


Dr. Jessica Bernard: Exploring Psychosis Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our exploration of psychosis. Our guest is psychosis expert, Dr. Jessica Bernard, of Texas A&M University.


Esmé Weijun Wang: Exploring Psychosis Part 1

Esmé Weijun Wang is the author of the New York Times-bestselling essay collection The Collected Schizophrenias and the novel The Border of Paradise, which was one of NPR's Best Books of 2016.

Noe Rodriguez

Noe Rodriguez: Homeless Outreach Exit Interview

Noe looks back on what inspired his life as a homeless outreach worker in Tulsa, tells some funny and inspirational stories and looks forward to the next big step in his life.

Noe is our friend so we will miss him dearly at Mental Health Association Oklahoma, but we're excited for the next chapter in an already remarkable life.

Josh Dulaney

Joshua Dulaney & The Dark Side of Reporting

We invited award-winning journalist Joshua Dulaney, of The Oklahoman, to talk about...
- Investigating the criminal justice system
- Exploring mental health & suicide on his United States of Oklahoma podcast.
- Taking care of his own mental health (it usually involves watching YouTube & wrestling)


Defining Moments with Margy & Hoang Lam

We’re talking with Margy and Hoang Lam. The Oklahoma City couple produce the Defining Moments podcast. Hoang hosts and Margy works behind the scenes.

We talk about anorexia, inspirational books, healthful eating and their own defining moments.


The Danger of Linking Mass Violence with Mental Illness

It’s Monday, August 5, 2019 and we’re still reeling from the mass shootings that claimed 20 lives in El Paso on Saturday and another nine in Dayton, Ohio on Sunday. In the aftermath of the tragedies, Mike Brose explains the dangers of linking mass violence with mental illness.


Dr. Carl Hart:
Drug Talk for Grown-Ups

Dr. Hart grew up in a low-income neighborhood in Miami where drug use was prevalent. The truth is that he even used and sold drugs. However, that life led him to the Air Force and later to the esteemed role of Columbia University professor acclaimed for his research, particularly in regards to substance use, and the case Dr. Hart for decriminalizing ALL drugs in America.


Gail Richards: Overcoming Addiction

Gail is our guest today because she is courageously sharing her story so that others may understand what it's like to overcome an addiction to a prescription that she was prescribed to overcome anxiety. But what was prescribed as an "as needed" drug became, eventually, something that she was taking all the time.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

We have three interviews all tied to Adverse Childhood Experiences, better known as ACEs. Oklahoma's children have the highest ACE scores in the nation. Basically, the questionnaire boils down to three categories: Abuse, Neglect and Household dysfunction, including mental illness, substance use and if a loved one has been incarcerated.


A Journey Home

What happens when someone is evicted from their home? For some the answer is buying a room at a hotel, which is what Shade and Sheryl did until they ran out of money. Then, it was buying a tent. In this episode, we wanted to give listeners a chance to join us, first, as we visited Shade and Sheryl the first day they moved into a new apartment thanks to adopt a home and then, second, after they’ve lived there for exactly one month.

What Makes a Mental Health Leader?

Mike Brose interviews his friend and collaborator Kathy Langois. She is based in Canada and represents the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership. It’s a unique international collaborative of nine countries that focuses on improving mental health and addictions services. Mike has been working alongside Kathy as her organization prepares for its Leadership Exchange in Washington, DC.

Michelle Hand Shares Her Story about Postpartum Depression

Michelle Hand, a mother of two, shares what it was like experiencing postpartum depression after having her second child. Her advice to mothers is to reach out for help if they're experiencing depression even if it is hard.


Tulsa World's Let's Talk: Mental Health Forum

On this episode of the Mental Health Download, we were on location at the University of Tulsa for the Tulsa World's Let's Talk Forum on Mental Health. It included Oklahoma’s first lady, Sarah Stitt.

Weather Anxiety is Real

On this episode of the Mental Health Download, we take on weather anxiety. First, our host, Matt Gleason, talks with Tulsa meteorologist Jon Haverfield. Jon grew up battling weather anxiety but overcame it to the point he chases tornadoes for a living.

PART 2: Tulsa's Homelessness Count Featuring Greg Shinn

On this episode, Greg Shinn, of Mental Health Association Oklahoma, discusses Tulsa's annual Point-in-Time Count of people experiencing homelessness.

PART 1: OKC Homelessness Count

Greg Shinn interviews his longtime friend and collaborator Dan Straughan, executive director of the Homeless Alliance in Oklahoma City. Together they discuss the results of the OKC Point-in-Time Count of people experiencing homelessness and what that means for the community.


Homelessness Experts Mack Haltom & Mike Brose

On this episode of the Mental Health Download, Mike Brose, CEO of Mental Health Association Oklahoma, interviews his longtime friend and collaborator Mack Haltom, who is the executive director of the Tulsa Day Center.


His Name Isn't "Homeless." It's Jose. #SeeMe

Jose Vega, of Oklahomans for Equality, explains what it was like to be rejected by his family because he was gay. Then, he explains what it was like surviving homelessness while also trying to balance the pressures of high school. For the second part of the Mental Health Download, we talk with Beth Svetlic, who oversees Mental Health Association Oklahoma's services for young people who have overcome homelessness.


Teen on Suicide & Stigma

On this episode of the Mental Health Download, the CEO of Mental Health Association Oklahoma, Mike Brose, and host Matt Gleason talk with Sophie Pazzo. She's a Tulsa teenager who shares her thoughts on the stigma of mental illness, suicide and the critical role teens like her play in making a difference in the community.

Review of Oklahoma's 2019 Legislative Session

On this episode of the Mental Health Download, Jake Glantz, Mental Health Association Oklahoma's advocacy specialist, reviews Oklahoma's 2019 legislative session. You'll hear about the state of mental health funding, criminal justice reform and more.


My Mind Matters Rally

Hear highlights from this year's My Mind Matters rally at the Capitol. You'll hear speeches that will inspire you, break your heart and, most importantly, get you ready to advocate for essential mental health services wherever you live.

New Year's Resolutions that Start New Lives

During our Mental Health Download podcast, we usually take on just one of four powerful topics each month. Well, during our latest episode we take on all four -- mental illness, suicide, incarceration, and homelessness.

Can Video Games Revolutionize Mental Health?

What role can video games play in treating mental health and addiction? In this episode of Mental Health Association Oklahoma's podcast, The Mental Health Download, nationally-known professor in neurology, physiology and psychiatry, Dr. Adam Gazzaley, shares a global look at how technology is influencing and changing how we treat PTSD, ADHD, autism, depression, and more. Learn more about Mental Health Association Oklahoma at

Suicide in a Smalltown

We explore what happened in the small Oklahoma town of Wilburton, Oklahoma after a cluster of suicides claimed the lives of young people and even a school teacher. Then, we’ll hear from Dr. Paul Quinnett. Dr. Quinnett is a clinical psychologist and President and CEO of the QPR Institute.