We Launched Our New eStore!

We Launched Our New eStore!

By Marie Manzo
Mental Health Association Oklahoma

We want to share a piece of exciting news with you … we just launched our new eStore! It’s an online store where we’re selling all kinds of cool swag. Get as pumped as we are and check out our tees for a mission!

What are tees for a mission, you ask? Oh, very good question. We’ve been fine-tuning this answer for months and have been eagerly waiting to share! Well, the tees part is pretty self-explanatory. We’re selling t-shirts (among other really cool things). And the mission is putting a bold – and if we do say so ourselves cute – face to issues we work every day to raise awareness about like injustice and stigma, homelessness, suicide prevention, and mental illness.

Most of the topics Mental Health Association Oklahoma deals with on the daily don’t lend themselves to quippy taglines or are easily depicted. But they are extremely important to talk about and be aware of.

Enter tees for a mission.

Wearing a message-driven t-shirt is an easy way to start a conversation or simply bring awareness to issues that many times get swept under the rug. Heck, just by buying a tee or tank top or hoodie – we said we’re selling other really cool things – you’ve already supported the cause!

So we invite you to check out our store – shameless plug – and read about each tee. Then if you feel inspired – or need an awesome last-minute gift for that friend’s birthday you always forget –  we hope you’ll make a purchase and wear it proudly as a mental health advocate!

100% of proceeds from your purchase go directly back to our programs and services so you give a little when you get a little.

Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear tees for a mission!


Take me to your new store!


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