Demand a HB1054 Revote & Call The No-Voters Today!

Background Info For You

We are heartbroken our state’s elected officials on both sides of the aisle in the House of Representatives have chosen to let politics keep them from passing HB1054. It would have gone a long way to filling the entire $215 million budget gap.

Why This Matters

Make no mistake about it, the lack of leadership exhibited will likely result in our most vulnerable citizens losing access to essential services and supports that promote recovery and wellness of people served. But the fight for a whole and sustainable budget isn’t over! 

We are demanding a revote of HB1054, which could happen soon.

Call the legislators who voted No and tell them they must vote Yes for HB1054!

They can still do the right thing and pass legislation that would fund the critical programs and services Oklahomans depend on for their health, safety, and ability to thrive in recovery.


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