Take a Housing Tour

Tulsa and OKC Housing Tours for Supporters

The Association is a mental health leader across the state known for innovative, results-oriented programs and services that positively change the lives of people impacted by mental illness and homelessness in Oklahoma. Chief among our accomplishments is our affordable housing program and recovery services in Tulsa and Oklahoma City designed to successfully reintegrate people impacted by mental illness and homelessness back into their community.

One of the best ways to understand how these cities are ending homelessness is to see our housing in person and hear how it works.

Tulsa Tour

We have a monthly housing tour in Tulsa the second Friday of each month from
11:45 am – 1 pm.

Oklahoma City Tour

Our housing tour in Oklahoma City is from 11:45 am – 1 pm on the third Wednesday of every month.

These tours are for Oklahomans interested in learning more about how they can support our nationally recognized housing and services programs.

How to Sign-Up for a Tour

If you are an Association supporter interested in taking a guided tour of the Association’s life-changing housing and recovery programs, contact Matt Gleason at 918.382.2422 or email mgleason@mhaok.org.

Note: For people interested in living in our housing, please call us at 918.585.1213 or 405.943.3700, or email us at info@mhaok.org.

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