Make the budget whole, Make a difference

Background Info For You

The House of Representatives has voted down raising taxes on fuel, tobacco and low-point beer. It seems as though these failing budget negotiations are an attempt to ensure agencies, including the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, have no choice but to make disastrous cuts.

Close Enough is NOT Enough

In the event that legislators exhaust rainy day and revolving dollars to fill the $215 million budget crater, we are worried our elected officials will be content to get budget levels “close enough.” That’s not enough. This will leave agencies no choice but to cut core, life-saving services to fill the remaining funding gap.

Mental Health Association Oklahoma is urging all Oklahomans to call, email and personally visit their legislators. It is imperative that we stress the urgent need to fill the entire $215 million budget gap. Make it whole. Make it sustainable. Make the right decision to save lives.


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