Programs for Schools



Responding to the Mental Health Needs

Creating a healthy school culture means actively listening to students—seeking them out before they are so desperately in need of help that they are driven to extreme actions. This is difficult work, and many programs stop short of tackling the problems involved in transforming a school culture.

We are here to help diffuse a problem and help youth and their families connect with resources. Exploring options for support and services helps people build strength and resilience. This is at the heart of our work of promoting wellness, preventing suicide and connecting youth and their loved ones with appropriate community-based care.

Prevention is Key

We promote mental health through prevention!

  • Suicide prevention and screening programs

  • Mental health and crisis trainings in schools and communities

  • Referral and counseling services

Programs for Schools


Our TeenScreen program offers a free and voluntary adolescent screening tool that assesses physical and emotional well-being. It is a proactive step designed to ensure our students’ safety and get them help when they need it.

The young people who participate in TeenScreen are sixth graders through twelfth graders who have expressed interest in the screening and have parental permission. Typically, this screening process focuses on eighth, ninth or tenth-grade students. These young people are the most likely to begin to date and drive, and those in the midst of transitioning to high school and more adult responsibilities.

Teens whose parents give permission for the screening engage in the computer-based screening process, then review the results in a conversation with a licensed clinician. If the screening indicates a need for further evaluation (positive result), the clinician makes contact with parents and, typically, refers the teen to appropriate community resources for further evaluation. Our TeenScreen staff continues to follow-up with teens and parents to ensure they receive appropriate resources.

We now know that mental health is central to the overall health and well-being of today’s teenagers. When TeenScreen helps youth impacted by an emotional or mental disorder get identified early and linked with effective services and support, they can go on to experience healthy development and growth.


SafeTeam is a school-based program developed by the Association to help schools prevent bullying, suicide and be prepared in the case of disasters.

The SafeTeam model engages and empowers a school community in promoting a culture of safety through three components: A staff SafeTeam, a student SafeTeam, and a SafeTeam coordinator, who provides leadership, support, and confidential consultation with students and staff with school safety concerns.

The school SafeTeam coordinator utilizes personal observation, together with shared observations from student and staff SafeTeam members, shared in regularly scheduled meetings, to monitor safety in the school environment. Licensed mental health professionals from the Association provide professional consultation and assistance in developing strategies to address safety concerns on an as-needed basis.

Crisis Response & Training

We provide organized prevention and immediate response in the event of violent or at-risk behavior in a school. We have rapidly become the leader in the provision of consultation services to schools in the area and state by offering mental health education and screening, crisis-event response training, postvention response, student focus groups, and peer-to-peer advocacy.

Crisis Response Evaluation

We offer schools an in-depth evaluation of their current crisis plan. Suggestions for improvement and changes will be made by the Association to make for a more efficient and effective process. In essence, the Association will evaluate and restructure crisis plans to ensure staff awareness and readiness in the event of a crisis.

Crisis Response and Intervention

We provide assistance to schools and communities when an unfortunate event occurs. By highlighting the importance of resilience, continuity and security issues that arise from any type of trauma, the Association delivers crisis intervention services to assist with stabilizing the school, students, parents, and community. Our staff members work closely with school personnel and students to assess those at immediate risk of harm and consults with those who are immediately affected by the event. Consultation services are offered at no charge to the school in how to handle the following days, weeks, and months.

Crisis Response Training

The Association is experienced in assisting schools to develop an internal crisis plan when a critical event in the school community occurs. An emphasis is focused on prevention and intervention in this training. The training will equip the schools’ crisis team with a more definitive understanding of their role and functions during a crisis situation. 

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