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Making of the 2016 Annual Report


Letter from our CEO, Michael W. Brose in our 2016 Annual Report:mike-brose

When it comes to untreated mental illness, homelessness, suicide, and the failings of our criminal justice and health systems, there is no us or them – it’s just us. Each of us has been drawn together as a team because we have seen how each of these dire issues can ravage individuals, families, and communities.

This 2016 Annual Report is a tribute to you – our team members – our donors. It is ultimately your compassion, generosity and unwavering support upon which this team relies. It is your kindness to act when others won’t, to stand together side-by-side as you make it possible to take someone by the hand, give them hope in the aftermath of great personal tragedies, and lead them to support groups, pro bono counseling, treatment, a safe place to live and new beginnings.

The stories shared in this Annual Report represent just a few of the different ways you and the rest of your teammates are involved, contribute and give back to our state.

Your gifts, stories, and conviction to change lives inspire us every day. For this, we are forever thankful.

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