Mobile Medical Intervention Team

Mobile Medical Intervention Team is Ready to Help

To help meet the needs of people living within the Association’s apartment complexes, we offer our Mobile Medical Intervention Team. It provides primary patient care for the Association’s tenants impacted by serious mental illness, a substance use issue and homelessness.

This service is made possible through a collaboration between the William K. Warren Foundation and the Association.

Essentially, it is the essence of “integrated care.” This means it blends traditionally separate behavioral health treatment with general medical services. You won’t find these models on prime-time medical dramas, but they are the focus of current health care reform efforts because they hold such promise for improving access to quality and appropriate care.

How Participants Qualify for Services

To qualify for Mobile Medical Intervention Team services, participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Live in the Association’s long-term supported housing program for individuals, families, veterans, as well as transition age youth ages 18-25
  • Have a severe mental illness diagnosis
  • Have one of the following uncontrolled co-occurring medical conditions: uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, or elevated cholesterol

What services do participants receive?

Once someone is enrolled in the Mobile Medical Intervention Team services, the person will have:

  • Access to a primary care provider (physician assistant)
  • Have an assigned nurse case-manager/licensed practical nurse
  • Have care coordinated through physician consultants (a psychiatrist and family practitioner)
  • Continued support from the Association’s staff and programs
  • Prescription co-pay assistance (pending funding)

What if someone does not qualify for primary care services?

If individuals do not meet enrollment criteria for services, they will still have access to:

  • Urgent care services
  • Public health education initiatives
  • Referrals to services in the community to address your specific needs
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