News on 6 Spotlights Laureate Institute for Brain Research

News on 6 Spotlights Laureate Institute for Brain Research

By Matt Gleason
Mental Health Association in Tulsa 

This is the brain scan of our executive director Mike Brose. For those who know and love Mike, there’s plenty of jokes to be made about what was on his mind at this exact moment. “It’s probably Frisbee golf,” someone might kid.

But Mike volunteered to have his brain scanned at Tulsa’s very own Laureate Institute for Brain Research to helps its researchers get a better understanding of how the brain works. In turn, clinicians can translate its research into fighting PTSD, depression, anxiety, among many other mental illnesses.

Actually, translating research into action is what our 2013 Zarrow Mental Health Symposium is all about. And that’s why the Laureate Institute for Brain Research is generously co-hosting the conference with us September 26th-27th.

Excited by what the Laureate Institute for Brain Research is revealing about the brain, Rick Wells, of the News on 6, raised awareness about its leading-edge research.

See the video below!

Here are a few highlights from this News on 6 story:

“This study in Tulsa is one of four the government has funded nationwide to try to find new ways to help. They know that some traumatic event or incident has caused a short circuit in the medulla, the very small part of the brain where emotional responses like fear, anxiety, anger and depression originate.

“They believe they can scan a subject’s brain, measure its responses to different stimuli, show the subject how their brain is responding, then teach them to calm their own symptoms. In effect, re-wire the short circuit that caused the problem in the first place.

“What they need is combat veterans ages 18 to 54 to participate in the study. Ultimately, they hope to develop treatments that can improve rehab and the quality of life for veterans and members of the military with PTSD, as well as families and the community as a whole.

“They say everything is confidential, there is no exposure to radiation, and participants are compensated for their time. Anyone interested can call 918-502-5100, for a confidential screening.” – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

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