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Mental Health Initiatives



Creating Connections

We offer socialization opportunities, support, skill building, and volunteer or employment opportunities for people experiencing mental illness and co-occurring disorders in Tulsa County and the Oklahoma City area.


Employment Support

A job can be the first step towards health, sobriety, and fulfillment. Our employment services work alongside in-house and community services, assisting people wherever they may be on their path to recovery.



We host events and conferences to spread awareness about mental health, ending homelessness, reforming the criminal justice system, and celebrate the people we know, love and serve.


Intensive Outreach
& Navigation

We provide outreach and services to individuals with serious mental illness deemed as “frequent utilizers” of OKC shelters & hospitals.


Mental Health Research

As an advocacy and education related organization, supporting the advancement of brain research is an integral part of our mission. You can help make a difference by getting involved.


Peer Recovery Services

We help access community resources, housing programs, employment options, money management, social/recreational outlets, self-maintenance techniques, transport, and other social services.


Mobile Medical Intervention

Our Mobile Medical Intervention Team provides primary patient care for the Association’s tenants and people living on the streets impacted by serious mental illness, a substance use issue and homelessness.


Programs for Schools

We are here to help diffuse a problem and help youth and their families connect with resources. We promote wellness, prevent suicide and connect youth and their loved ones with community-based care.


Referral & Counseling

Exploring options for support and services helps people build strength and resilience. This is at the heart of our SunBridge Referral & Counseling program: Screening, referral, and pro bono counseling.


Support Groups

Our support groups in Tulsa and Oklahoma City offer participants a place to come together with others going through the same issues. They share stories and experiences with people who understand what they are going through.


Suicide Prevention 



Suicide Prevention Training




Assistance Center


Criminal Justice Initiatives



Mental Health Association Oklahoma’s Criminal Justice Reform department works collaboratively to redesign current justice and health systems in Oklahoma.

We need your support as we advocate for more effective policies, programs and practices. The goal is to lower costs and obtain better outcomes for individuals, their loved ones and our state.

The following criminal justice initiatives help to safely stop the over-incarceration of people impacted by mental illness, substance use disorders and homelessness. In addition, they work to connect individuals to treatment and services.


Homeless Outreach & Rapid Response


Justice & Mental Health Training Center


Special Services


Stepping Up Initiative


FUSE Model




SIM Report


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Street Outreach



Homeless Outreach & Rapid Response

We provide mobile street outreach in Tulsa to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. In addition, we work with law enforcement to ensure people stay connected to services and avoid being ticketed or incarcerated. Our ultimate goal is to give people experiencing homelessness, and their families, an opportunity to start new lives.


Mobile Medical Intervention Team

To help meet the needs of people living within the Association’s apartment complexes — and across the Tulsa community — we offer our Mobile Medical Intervention Team. It provides primary patient care for people impacted by serious mental illness, a substance use issue and homelessness.


A Better Way

Tulsa’s A Better Way initiative helps give people impacted by mental illness and homelessness an alternative to asking for pocket change on street corners.

This is your opportunity to receive a different kind of change — the kind that pays you for a day’s work beautifying our city.


What’s Next


Mental Health Assistance Center