Intensive Outreach & Navigation



How We Help

The Intensive Outreach & Navigation team provides outreach and services to individuals with serious mental illness. The people we serve have been deemed as “frequent utilizers” of the Oklahoma City area shelters and hospitals. Locations served include local area community mental health crisis centers such as the Oklahoma County Crisis Intervention Center, Griffin Memorial Mental Health Center, and the Oklahoma Crisis Recovery Unit.

This program includes immediate access to housing at apartment complexes throughout Oklahoma City, along with intensive wrap-around case management services to aid individuals as they move toward obtaining self-sustainability.

Referral Criteria

All referrals are evaluated and accepted solely from Griffin Memorial Mental Health Center, Oklahoma County Crisis Intervention Center, and the Oklahoma Crisis Recovery Unit. Participants must be currently experiencing homelessness or living in a place that is unsafe and not fit for human habitation, able to live independently with intensive support, and have frequently utilized services of the crisis centers and Griffin Memorial.

Individuals with history of sexual offences or certain types of felonies (i.e. violence, drug manufacturing, arson) will be given consideration on a case-by case basis.

Our Goals

In collaboration with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, the Association’s Intensive Outreach & Navigation staff members aim to increase social supports and community reintegration for program recipients. Beyond decreasing their frequent utilization of area crisis center services, our staff walk alongside participants as they effectively progress on their path to recovery.


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