Incarceration is TOO BIG TO IGNORE

Incarceration is TOO BIG TO IGNORE

“Since I shared my story in the TOO BIG TO IGNORE campaign, I celebrated another ‘recovery birthday,’ which meant four years free of addiction. Also, I’ve completed two more semesters of college, and I’m looking at my last semester for my graduate degree in business.

I’ve come so far from being diverted out of 12 years of prison so I could pursue treatment and a new life for my son, Talon, and I.

The reality is that it costs $23,000 to incarcerate someone impacted by serious mental illness for a year. It costs just $4,000 per person annually for the Association to provide life-changing recovery and reintegration programs.”

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Your year-end gift to Mental Health Association Oklahoma will support criminal justice reform efforts and diversion programs that ensure people impacted by mental illness, substance use and homelessness are not serving jail time for minor, non-violent offenses.

Incarceration is TOO BIG TO IGNORE.
We can’t make a difference in people’s lives without your generous support!


P.S. This is the final of four stories during our Year-End update. We first shared the stories of Lindsay, Mark, Bianca and Jon during May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Here at the end of the year, we’re giving you an update on what has happened in their lives since May and how your gift to the Association makes a difference in their lives and others just like them.



To Stories of Hope

This month’s Mental Health Download podcast features the inspirational stars of our TOO BIG TO IGNORE campaign. As you listen to Mark, Bianca, Jon and Lindsay’s stories, you’ll hear how the Association helped them along their remarkable journeys. Listen today at


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