Homeless Outreach

Notify Our Homeless Outreach Team

Click the link below to fill out a Homeless Outreach & Rapid Response form. This form is designed for a mix of public use and reporting with Tulsa Police Department and security agencies. Once you fill it out, our team will respond as soon as possible.


Homeless Outreach & Rapid Response

We provide mobile street outreach to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. We seek them out wherever they may be. Through regular contact, we build trust and relationships as we connect them to essential community services.

In addition, we work with law enforcement to ensure people stay connected to services and avoid being ticketed or incarcerated. Our ultimate goal is to give people experiencing homelessness, and their families, an opportunity to start new lives.

Tulsa’s A Better Way Initiative

Tulsa’s A Better Way initiative helps give people impacted by mental illness and homelessness an alternative to asking for pocket change on street corners.

This is your opportunity to offer a different kind of change — the kind that pays people for a day’s work beautifying our city.

Your generosity makes a difference by helping to give people the dignity of work as they connect to life-changing services in our community, such as shelter, housing, mental health and addiction treatment, and other more sustainable employment services. Visit the A Better Way page.

Donate Care Packages

Our team offers the people we meet life-changing care packages. The care packages include essential items for survival, including food, wellness items, and other necessities.

Click here to find out how you can create care packages!

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