Mental Health Assistance Center

We Can Help You Navigate the Mental Health System

Our SunBridge program serves as a Mental Health Assistance Center that provides information, screening, and referral to community resources as well as a limited pro bono counseling program to our local community. Our primary goal is to connect all callers to necessary mental health care and services. 

Contact us anytime Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5 pm or leave us a voice message after hours and we will return your call. 

Call Mental Health Association Oklahoma at 918.585.1213 or 405.943.3700. You can email us at

Pro Bono Counseling Program

Our SunBridge program is a community referral resource as well as a pro bono counseling service that will match you, or a loved one, with a volunteer licensed mental health professional in your area. We can assist Oklahomans in need of counseling services but may be uninsured, underinsured or unable to afford their insurance co-pay.

We can provide screening and a limited number of counseling sessions at no charge to qualified low-income recipients.

The free or low-cost counseling service may be a good fit for you if you are experiencing transitional struggles, such as job loss, the death of a loved one, a relationship transition or response to trauma. It is not designed to serve people living with severe mental illness or in need of crisis intervention.

Who provides pro bono counseling services?

Therapists from a variety of disciplines donate their time to SunBridge in order to meet local counseling needs. Each professional has indicated areas of expertise so that the most appropriate match can be made with a therapist.

We can help you:

  •    Deal with situational depression, anxiety and the stress of everyday living
  •    Find solutions for your chronic pain and grief
  •    Address the emotional or mental pain of a relationship
  •    Cope with the trauma of a natural disaster
  •    Connect with family therapy, marital counseling, and parental consultation, as
    well as psychological testing and evaluation

Who qualifies?

1. Oklahomans unable to access treatment due to the lack of resources, including insufficient or no health insurance, and lack of income.
2. Individuals who are ineligible for access to care at a local community mental health centers.

How to Get Started

Fill out this interest form and we’ll get back to you. Even if you do not qualify for our pro bono counseling program, we’ll work with you to find the support and counseling services you need in your community.

Counseling Interest Form
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