Do You Need Housing?

A Safe Place to Live

We are here to offer housing solutions that fit your needs.

We can help you achieve housing if you are impacted by mental illness, homelessness, co-occurring disorders and if you have a disability. We are here to offer you a safe, decent and affordable place to live, just like we do for individuals, families, veterans, and transition age youth ages 18-25.

Using our Housing First model we will provide you with an apartment as quickly as possible. Once we move you into housing, we have decades worth of evidence that proves we can help you increase your access to primary and mental health treatment, reduce substance use and connect you to services in the community, including job training. Our goal is for you to improve your self-sufficiency, well-being and reintegrate you back into the fabric of our community.

Here’s How Our Staff Can Help You

We’re here to help provide you with our own housing solutions or to navigate the complex housing system across the community.

  • Apply for housing that meets your unique needs and preferences
  • Help you settle into your new home
  • Develop an individual plan of support that includes connecting to voluntary and flexible supports and services, such as socialization programs, counseling, case management, job training and more

How much does rent cost?

If you are impacted by mental illness and experiencing homelessness, you will pay rent the first day you move in; based on 30 percent of your income. If you do not have income, you will initially not pay rent when you come directly from the streets into our housing. We will work with you to help connect you to income from the Veterans Administration, Social Security Income, Social Security Disability Income, or employment. Once you get into our housing, you will eventually pay 30 percent of your income to pay your rent each month.

Our Housing Options

We can offer you the following different types, styles, and locations of housing across the Tulsa area and in Oklahoma City to make an apartment your new home.

Permanent Supportive Housing

If you are impacted by mental illness and homelessness, we can offer you an apartment where you will live independently in the community, and where we can provide you with on-site supportive services.

Our staff members will work one-on-one with you to ensure you remain in housing, connect with vital services in the community and learn the skills to increase your self-sufficiency and well-being.

Transitional Living for Youth

In Tulsa — and soon in Oklahoma City — we offer 24-hour staffing for transition age youth impacted by mental illness and homelessness ages 18-25. These young people are often in transition from state custody or foster care and are at-risk of, or experiencing, homelessness.

Safe Haven

Our Safe Haven program can provide you with 24-hour on-site staffing if you are impacted by mental illness, homelessness, and co-occurring disorders. Safe Haven is here to offer you short-term, transitional, and long-term housing options.

Independent Living

If you simply need a safe, decent and affordable place to live, our affordable independent-living apartments offer the benefits of a landlord and staff members who understand your unique needs.

Below Market-Rate Housing

The Association also offers housing for people who pay below market rates for their rent. Without our housing, these tenants may otherwise have ended up homeless.

Find Out If You Qualify for Housing

If you are interested in applying for housing in Tulsa or Oklahoma City for you or someone or you know impacted by mental illness or homelessness, call us at 918.585.1213 or 405.943.3700.

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