The FUSE Model



What is the FUSE Model?

Communities like Tulsa can waste millions of dollars on uncoordinated service responses trying to help people experiencing homelessness who frequently cycle between hospitals, jails, mental health crisis services and homelessness.  

In September of 2018, Tulsa had the honor of being selected as a FUSE community by the Corporation for Supportive Housing.

What Does it Stand For?

FUSE stands for Frequent User System Engagement. This model helps communities identify frequent users of jails, shelters hospitals and the valuable time of our emergency responders.  

What Role Does Housing Play?

By making a Housing First intervention and referring the identified individuals into supportive housing with services, the vicious cycle of homelessness can be broken, ending a very costly revolving door for our City.

What Happens Next?

Communities that have implemented FUSE strategies have shown impressive reductions in the use of expensive crisis services and program participants have been very successful  in maintaining housing. The costs avoided in the public sector can be reinvested in more affordable housing and other economic development initiatives, and the time of our emergency responders can be focused on other critical needs instead of responding to homelessness.