Fashion & Talent Show

The Most Uplifting Night

Our annual Fashion and Talent Show makes a difference in the lives of inspirational participants impacted by mental illness, substance abuse and homelessness. This showcase is about giving people impacted by mental illness a night to shine! It’s the most inspirational event of the year! Plus, it’s free.

You don't want to miss this inspirational event that changes lives by giving our amazing participants a catwalk to strike a glamorous pose on, and the opportunity to sing a song, dance, read a poem or even tell jokes.

This memorable event is presented in collaboration with other local non-profit agencies, artists and entertainers, plus a packed crowd of people who witness this heart-warming experience free of charge.

The showcase is not designed as a fundraiser, but rather a positive experience for everyone involved.

Ultimately, the shows are about building our participants’ self-esteem and proving that recovery from mental illness is possible and happening every day in our community.