Announcing Our Future Home: Legacy Plaza!

Announcing Our Future Home: Legacy Plaza!

Bill Major, executive director for the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, stood before a huge audience of supporters and members of the media on March 30th. He had big news: Legacy Plaza will be home to the Association and four other nonprofit headquarters, along with providing 170 new affordable housing units, including 50 dedicated to senior living.

“This is the result of opportunity meeting strategy,” Bill said, “and it is the result of considerable collaboration.”

More than a year ago, the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation purchased the three-building complex at 31st Street and Yale Avenue in Tulsa. The intention is to utilize the space to advance the philanthropic goals of the foundation – which focuses on alleviating symptoms of poverty, enriching health and wellness, and empowering community members to improve their lives.

“It is not the intention of the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation to own or operate this project,” Bill emphasized. “Once developed, this entire plaza will be wholly owned by these outstanding agencies:

  • Mental Health Association Oklahoma,
  • Assistance League of Tulsa,
  • Community Action Project of Tulsa
  • Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits
  • LIFE Senior Services, and
  • Vintage Housing who will manage the 50 affordable housing units dedicated to seniors

Thanks to the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, along with generous contributions from our Building Oklahoma, Building Lives capital campaign, the Association will own the first floor and the 9th-12th floors of the east tower. This will be a centralized new space for us to have all services under one roof, which creates efficiencies and provides more visibility. We will use the first floor to work directly with those we serve, and the other floors will be office space for team members. The space is large enough to allow our organization to continue to grow and better fit the need of our state.

During the announcement ceremony, our CEO, Mike Brose, praised, among others, the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation trustees, including Judy Kishner, president of the foundation.

This is an incredible moment in so many ways,” Mike said. “Judy, I want to recognize you and thank your family, your mom and dad, for their vision. They had a vision and you can see this vision is coming together and it’s a vision of collaboration. The people’s needs in this community, and in this state, are so great. No one entity can solve them alone. The only way we can do it is by coming together in a very synergistic, collaborative way.”

At the end of the media event, Bill Major explained the Legacy Plaza name.

“It is named in part because of the legacy of Anne and Henry Zarrow, but also because of the impact every agency ensures,” Bill said. “When a client utilizes services through Mental Health Association Oklahoma, that person’s legacy is changed. When a grandparent is able to live independently in LIFE’s Vintage Housing, that person’s legacy is changed. When a student is provided a school uniform, that child’s legacy is changed.

“Legacy Plaza speaks to more than one legacy, but to hundreds of intertwined lives improved by collaboration and opportunity. I would be remiss, however, if I ended today without speaking to the leadership of Judy Kishner. I said before that Legacy Plaza is the result of opportunity meeting strategy. That it is the result of considerable collaboration. It is. But more so, Legacy Plaza is a solution dreamt, devised and brought to life by Judy Kishner. Although she’s too humble to have her family name on this Plaza, I hope she knows that this, among the many amazing things she has done for our community, truly is her legacy.”

Watch Mike’s Speech Online Here!


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