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Attend Our New Monthly Suicide Prevention Training!

By Matt Gleason Mental Health AssociationOklahoma Why are we offering a free monthly QPR suicide prevention training? Just look at these numbers: 103 Tulsans died by suicide last year. Fifty-eight of them died by self-inflicted gunshots, and four of the six teenagers who died by suicide were just 15. Statistics like this make Tulsa’s suicide rate among the highest in the nation — 15th — and Oklahoma ninth in the country for the highest rates of suicide deaths. Recently, the […]

Oklahoma Justice Reform Task Force Recommendations

Governor Mary Fallin established the bi-partisan, inter-branch Oklahoma Justice Reform Task Force (Task Force) and charged it with developing comprehensive criminal justice and corrections reform policy recommendations designed to alleviate prison overcrowding and reduce Oklahoma’s incarceration rate while improving public safety. Over a six-month period, the Task Force analyzed the state’s sentencing, corrections, and community supervision data and reviewed the latest research on reducing recidivism and improving public safety. Based on this analysis and the directive from Governor Fallin, the […]

Behind the Scenes of the 2017 Homelessness Point-in-Time Count

By Matt Gleason Mental Health Association Oklahoma On a cold Thursday in Oklahoma — the day of the annual Point in Time count of people experiencing homelessness across America — Janette McKeever, of OKC, and Noe Rodriguez, of Tulsa, both woke up in their respective homes, had breakfast, readied for work and then made their way into the office. They did this because, like you and me, it is normal and expected. When someone veers away from this routine, even […]