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Innovative Community Response Team is Making a Real Difference

By Matt Gleason Mental Health Association Oklahoma At a time when first responders have become de facto mental health professionals, Tulsa’s innovative Community Response Team (CRT) provides a more efficient and effective response to Oklahomans experiencing a mental health crisis. Inspired by CRT founded in Colorado Springs, CRT is a mobile mental health co-responder unit that started in January 2017 as a one-day-a-week pilot from 10 am–8 pm. The big news is CRT has now expanded to a 30-day pilot that […]

Save Big During Tax-Free Weekend & Make an Even Bigger Difference!

By Marie Manzo Mental Health Association Oklahoma During Tax-Free Weekend — Aug. 4-6 — you can shop to your heart’s desire without having to pay those pesky taxes! It’s also a phenomenal opportunity to buy essential items for people on the streets to survive the dangerous summer heat. While you’re out shopping this weekend, we hope you’ll pick up the following items to benefit those we serve at our peer-run drop-in centers in Tulsa & OKC: T-shirts – short sleeves […]

Our Favorite Summer Reads & Netflix Picks!

By Matt Gleason Mental Health Association Oklahoma Summer is the perfect time to get out of the heat — or maybe into it — and relax with a thought-provoking book.  It’s also a time to spend our days in the sun and then binge-watch Netflix by night. So we asked our staff members and volunteers about their favorite summer reads and Netflix picks related to mental health, homelessness, addiction, suicide or criminal justice reform. Plus, there are a few picks […]