Housing Options

These four housing programs offer Association residents help, comfort and hope in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Safe Haven Program
This program offers short-term, transitional, and long-term options for street-habituated adults living with mental illness or co-occurring disorders.

Transitional Living
Walker Hall is a transitional-living group home. Its staff promotes development of life-skills, which residents need to successfully move into independent housing within two years.

Long-term Supportive
The Metropolitan Apartment Program (MAP) features scattered-site apartments for those who can live independently in the community when provided supportive services.

Independent Living
We offer affordable independent-living apartments with the benefit of a landlord and staff who understand our residents’ unique needs.

For more information about housing for individuals with disabilities who are experiencing homelessness, please call 918.382.2442. To learn more about leasing options, call 918.382.2474.