What we do

Today, mental illness affects people of all ages, races, cultures and social status. Major depression is the leading cause of disability in ages 15-44. Mental disorders have a significant impact on absenteeism, productivity and business profitability. Early detection and intervention play a critical role in successful treatment and recovery. Our programs are designed to help achieve victory over mental illness and to prevent mental disorders.

Whether we focus on housing, education, advocacy, support, recovery, youth or service, our programs work because of the professional staff and the numerous caring and dedicated volunteers who provide insight and support to those seeking assistance.

We are driven to envision new ways to promote mental health and support those living with mental illnesses in our community. We partner with many local and national non-profits to help eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness and other disabilities, to identify gaps in services, and to promote access to effective treatment.

Every day we work to build and improve the lives of the people we serve, so that they may be one day closer to victory over mental illness.

For more information about the Association, please call 918.585.1213.